Molly Moon's

Post-church, post-lunch, still-hot September Sunday and she pipes up, "I need ice cream!"

Molly Moon's is our favorite, and the line is always around the block. Today, however, we had space to sit and enjoy. Maybe all the Seattleites are So Over this hot, dry summer. Maybe it was the football game on. Whatever it was, we took full advantage of the short line.

I ordered salted caramel with hot fudge because I love my life. He says he doesn't want anything, but when the Scooper offers him a second spoon, HE TAKES IT and I give him the biggest stink eye as he goes on and on about how good it is as that single scoop disappears. We stink eye and smirk and flirt and share melty drips and I love him big enough to share my ice cream, so it must be True Love.

Scoop Neck. badum-ching! I want it.

"Just one lick, Daddy. Just ONE TINY LICK." Girl was smart enough to see what he did to my ice cream and lay down some boundaries.

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