All the Way From Cleveland, Folks

It's been a whole year since we've seen them. Chosen family, people you can spend all day and well into the night with and time doesn't matter. Last summer was full of goodbyes and helping pack and tears. The boys have had weekly phone dates and skype soccer dates and when they show up on our doorstep, not a thing has changed.

The girls go crazy and it's way past bedtime and the Frozen soundtrack is on repeat and they are In Their Element. Sisters singing at the top of their lungs, racing and dancing and hugging and showing off.

Snacks are laid out and coffee is made and even though we've already seen them a couple times on this trip home, and even though it's just a "quick stop to say goodbye", three hours pass like nothing and I wonder if our loud laughter is keeping our neighbors up.



I don't think that's what he was saying...

We bust out the camera quick as they leave, because we know it'll be another year of phone dates and skyping soccer with our chosen family.


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